'Fusion' by Feltastic

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Found Footage
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Another (mostly) one-man team effort here. Not the greatest acting in the world, really, but he did okay. The found footage genre suited the one-man team idea well. Otherwise, there's really not too much to commend it. It lacked pace, props notwithstanding it was pretty static, and although it tried to evoke drama it, well, didn't really. Still, everything else was in order so 2.5 stars.


Very nice job with the whole found footage thing, a clever interpretation to give the film some suspense. I wasn't a big fan of the ending though, it was hard to see what was happening with all the smoke, and the slow motion did seem a bit forcibly added. I think just a clean cut to black as soon as the fuse ran out may have been more effective and more mysterious. The acting was nice, and the script pretty well done.


An obvious direction for the found footage genre. Audio wasn't the best. The yellow colour grading made the final shot hard to see. The slo-mo went on a bit I thought.