'Captain Crimson' by Bus of the Undead

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Captain Crimson
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Erotic or Superhero
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Funny film about a superhero struggling to juggle his crime-fighting duties with everyday life. Lots of good moments - the X-ray vision, the angry boss, and the bagel barn all spring to mind. There were some sound and light issues, but it was a really fun film to watch!


This team had a fun with the absurd, but it didn't sit 100% right. You guys needed to push the absurdity curve to really sell this super-hero, although in my mind I am making unfavourable comparisons with "Magnet Man" (superhero genre, Smoke or Fire, Auckland 2011, look it up). That said, when you let yourselves had fun, you knew how to do it. Creditable performance from Stephen Lawrenson as Captain Crimson.

Best element was the musical score from Tom Jensen (disclaimer: I know him). If only the rest of the film had been as bold as his imaginative reworkings of superhero, mystery and noirish soundtrack elements. Overall package: 3 stars.


This was a pleasant little short. Fairly generic I thought, but brought some nice touches to the genre.
Perhaps some of the sound issues were due to the speaker system, but it was fairly hard to understand at times.
Visually it was very competent, and I was impressed by some very professional post-production.
Nice film.


A really professional film. Great props, costumes and acting. Although the script had lots of funny parts, I think it could have done with a bit more story. I felt there needed to be a goal or idea that was more prominent than just getting breakfast, despite how funny that may be.