'Brush By Life' by Disconcerteam

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Brush By Life
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Cuuuute. Great way of using the genre - it was a totally uplifting film, very simple way of showing colour coming into people's lives as they do nice things to one another. Looked like fun splattering paint across white t-shirts! Laugh from the audience when the rose was taken from the gardens - not sure this was the idea behind it but that moment could be read as breaking the rules in order to make the world a better place...


Good job!
This had an excellent idea driving it, and you pulled off the Inspiration Genre superbly.
The idea was executed well with good production standards both visually and aurally. The decision to take voices out of it worked, and the effect of the white shirts and the symbolism thus involved was stunning.
Not too much to say except well done, hope you get credited for this.


This film held my attention. It was slow but thoughtful. There was a pay-it-forward type plot of spreading love and kindness throughout humanity with some lovely simple elements. The cuts between the magically coloured shirts were seamless, forgive the pun.

Despite the lack of dialogue, there was some totally annoying ambient hiss on the soundtrack. Don't know whether that was the film or the Castle St Lecture Theatre. That said, I could listen past it to hear a well put-together, simple, clear musical score. 4 stars, but the best of this heat so it got my 3 points.


Absolutely beautiful film! The best of the night! The concept was brilliant, truly inspirational. I loved the way it was established also, you took the right amount of time making what would be going on in your movie clear to the audience, and then you went wild with it. The acting was also very real and believable. The only thing that stopped me giving it 10/10 was the ending, from which I hoped for a little more spice, however, the ending as it is was quite clever and still lived up to the great standard of the rest of the film. Lovely stuff guys.


Writing reviews is like writing school reports.

A very well thought out film. Great concept. Simplistic. The idea deserved a higher production value and less straight cut camera work.

But great film. Definite finals contender!


Amazing film. Great idea with the paint, lovely and simple. The simple music track added a lot, it was in the background and added a great feeling to the film. Couldn't help but smile at this film; definitely great for the "inspirational movie" genre. Good job!


I liked the simplicity of your story. It was a bit too safe, though I guess predictability is a big part of the genre. It took me a while to figure out what the colour splotches were (thought they were a stain/mistake in continuity at first). That might have been avoided by using darker paint. Nice work.


Damn guys, you nailed the genre! Pitch-perfect concept, good direction, a believable leading man - excellent. Loved how the paint appeared on the shirts, and the different colours. Nothing amazing on the technical side of things, but absolutely nothing wrong with it either. A strong candidate for city finals, methinks.


Are we to believe that these are the same guys that threw us that POS dead fish last year under the guise of Team Shit F%^k C$#t?

If so; I am absolutely floored by their new maturity, vision and sensitivity. A healthy redemption, well earned. The t-shirt mechanism, while very simple, works well, Nicky Brick appears, albeit briefly, as a down on his luck bus shelter inhabitant.

Flowers became t-shirt colour blooms, and we even see that its not on the shirt, but attached to the man. Lovely touch. Nice music change too. The compulsory line, damn near missed, was sung in haste at the very last.

Not astounding, but damn fine work. Kudos, fellas.