'Barrowed Love' by equals sheep

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Barrowed Love
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One Shot
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I did laugh a fair bit at this film. An interesting concept that dealt with the one shot film nicely. The camera work was a wee bit clumsy but that's what you get with one shot. Also, I could have done with a bit more substance to the story. I would suggest reviewing your script and asking: "Will the audience also find all this funny?" because as it was, I found the joke a bit overdone. However, I loved the wheelbarrow ending.


Began with a bad American accent so I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a take-off of a dark, redneckish creeper film. Top marks for the line "37 seconds without nourishment. My body needs protein fast." - the delivery of that and many other lines was farkin' crack-up. The whole package (plot etc) was a little bare, but this team made a gross-out film with a tender ending - it was solid. 3.5 stars.