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10 Letters
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Romantic Comedy
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I think the one-man team was a first for Dunedin, and it was a clever way of adapting to the requirements of the Romantic Comedy genre. Hilarious to see a grown man chatting away about his girl problems over the phone, and then eating a tub of ice cream to console himself. Some technical issues - it was hard to hear what Nicky was saying. The ending was unsurprising but very cute. Nice little film.


A pretty funny film, and a nice concept. Acting was pretty good too. The phone voice effect was OK but it was hard to understand what was being said. I think looking into getting more people on your might be a a good idea. More actors being the big thing for me.


Damn fine solo effort from Mike Dillon! Well, pretty much entirely solo. There was a definite frisson in the room when we saw on the title card that a solo team was attempting a rom-com, but Mike thought about how to handle the genre in a very effective way. Nice pace, well constructed, and one hell of a nasty combination of foods. 4 stars for me, 2 points in the heat, and it got my yin-yang symbol for the film with that x-factor. Ka pai that man.


This was a very good effort. It was very entertaining, and you adapted to the genre well. I thought for a one-man team, there were definitely some good values here.
Things that I thought could have been noted were mainly audio issues; e.g. the filter on the telephone was too strong meaning we sadly couldn't hear a lot of what "Nicky" said, the music needed to be balanced to the rest of the film it was peaking.
It was an enjoyable short nevertheless, well done.


Tough weekend with only one team member. A cute story. Terrible sound especially telephone convo's. I really enjoyed the V in the ice cream and the cute, but predictable ending.


Oof, I can only imagine how this man felt when he got his genre. Nevertheless, a commendable try by an (almost) one-man team; A valiant effort, Sir. Just keep an eye on your sound, most of the telephone calls and a little of the main's dialogue was unintelligible.


Awesome film. Very stylish fast cut intro. the music fitted the mood perfectly. I liked the use of the phone footage and the heli shot you did the genre proud. Excellent twist at the end it kept the audience interested with its intense feel. Favorite film i've seen so far.


Rom-Com. Ugh, a tough, tough genre for a bearded one man band. But he pulled it off, mostly.

Audio issues, and hard to determine dialogue, and some very very sudden jump cuts to be sure.
But the audience just ate it up.

I wanted to see how it played out, my attention never wavering. And a lovely, lovely ahhhhh ending.