'When Sorrow Comes' by Half Done Productions

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When Sorrow Comes
End of World
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I was very impressed with this film. I absolutely loved the simplicity of the concept and genre. The use of the leaf stood out to me the most, absolutely beautiful!


A TV news report informs us that martial law is in effect. Disaster has struck and our protagonist reflects back on just how much he has lost and why he is now facing the world alone.

The back-story is dealt with by using a series of effective flashbacks. There was a very cool beginning, nice transitions and a cool fire effect. Whether the story engaged as much as the production values I'm not so sure. There was lots of voice over which while necessary, became somewhat mundane.

The slow-motion sequences in this were very well executed and overall, Half-Done have served up another quality short.


This seemed to me one of the harder catergories to pull off, and thought you did a good job as one of the only serious films in the heat. There was some really nice cinematography, and I always love afternoon light on the port hills. Good to see you had some fun with the special effects too! Rated in my top 3.


An interesting storyline, even though I personally am sick to death of the "End of the world" genre. Some nice acting moments and great cinematography. A big fan of the port hills scene and probably the main reason I put it in my Top 3. Great technical aspects, but the story could have used some fresh perspective on the End of the World genre. Solid effort though.