'Waiting' by Harmonious Productions

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Powerful poetic script. Acting was fantastic and believable between the couple. I loved the tracking of the bike and the progression of the story.


This film I was not a fan of. While the camera work and acting were impressive, I found the story and overall tone of the film to be very schmaltzy and trying a bit too hard to tug on the heart strings of the audience. I felt like I was watching an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in its blatant grabs to make the audience feel something with the faux emotional script and token sad music. A bit bummed this managed to snag its way into third place in Audience Favourite over a couple of other deserving films. With all that said, the technical aspects and acting was solid.


A strong performance from the actors, modern DSLR shooting style, believable narration and suitable original score make this a wonderful film to watch. The story of a man searching for his lost wife is relatively novel but leaves the viewer unsatisfied in some places. Though in saying this the other features of this film are more than enough to draw and hold audience attention, making it a thoroughly watch-able film, 8/10.


A man reflects on what he has lost in his life, how he had it all and how it all fell apart. He challenges us to think about what we are prepared to lose and whether we pay enough attention to the things we should.

Another film heavy on voice-over. I actually found the dialogue to be tedious and whiney thus not really 100% on how I was supposed to feel inspired, as this was more about delivering a message about what is and isn't important to hold on to.

Nicely shot and edited together with the slow-motion sequence standing out.

Nice job on this one though and it was well received by the audience.


Impressive cineamatography, with some really beautiful close up shots and use of depth of field. Loved the biking shots. The ambient sounds helped to capture my attention and the actors were really believable. I got a little distracted from the narration with what was going on so lost some of the inspiration factor. Beautiful musical score. A really strong effort at a serious film!


This film followed the life of man searching for his lost partner. I was initially surprised at the take on the inspirational genre. I was expecting something more uplifting or some sort of happy ending where he finds his lost partner, but the inspiration was in the fact that he never gave up searching no matter what. "I've never liked quitters", I think was one of the lines said by the main character.

Film was well shot with some cool slow-mo stuff and cool dolly shots. Some minor audio issues, although this didn't take away from the overall film experience. Well done.