'Untimely' by Team Fireworks.

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Musical or Dance
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[Disqualified: Late]

A little girl mourns the death of her mother. Then the singing begins with songs such as "He rang her", "She made it" and "Poor Old Nicky Brick". Other stuff happens!

This was a very sweet, family and friends team who perhaps were entering for the first time and got Musical which they semed to be pretty unprepared for. The songs were more jingles than actual songs and while the sound was pretty good, the filming was rather average. There was some interesting resizing of some footage during some of it. The last duet was really funny and well recieved by the audience.

A bloopers reel filled in the time remaining! Well done on completing a film and be sure to return next year!


It seemed like musical wasn't quite what this team had hoped for, but it was nice to see the use of a broad variety of people and this did get a few laughs from me.... Looks like there was a bit of fun the the making, hope you have another go next year!


Loved this purely for the fact of how fun it looked to make. There were a lot of laughs. Probably unintentional laughs, but nevertheless I found it hilarious. It looked fun to make and a sweet family project. An interesting way to open Heat 5, and aside from a couple of the strong films in this heat this is the main one I remember.