'Unlucky - In love' by Grr Arrg Productions

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Unlucky - In love
Romantic Comedy
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Two single parents' fall for each other after meeting briefly when one picks up his son from the other's house. They then both try to meet again, using their sons' friendship as an excuse to visit.

A nice simple story with some good creative ideas. I liked the reoccurring concept of the split-screen showing both parents doing the same activity to convey how alike and perfect for each other the pair are. Really gets you rooting for their success.

It's a shame about the technical errors this team faced; looks like something cropped up during export. About half-way through the file started glitching, freezing and skipping. It was still watchable, but I did feel bummed for the team.

Thought this was a light-hearted, wholesome, feel-good film. Really liked you guys, put you in my top 3 for the heat.


Storyline was nice. Good to use an older couple vs the standard young hotties. The male actor stood out to me. It was a shame there seemed some issues on the technical side with cutouts/synchronisation as narratively I really enjoyed this film.


For the most part, a split screen film about two lonely single parents whose sons are friends. After a bit of back and forth they eventually plan a date together but fate intervenes!

Few problems with the file in showing which must have been heart-breaking. There was a really nice peep-hole shot and the actors played their parts really well.

Not an original take on the Rom-Com genre by any means but it's a sweet story, with a nice ending that can't help but make you smile.

Nice work!