'The Fantasy of Adventurez' by Gary's Big Gorilla Adventure

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The Fantasy of Adventurez
Fantasy Adventure
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The Pirate commercial in the middle of the film was amazing and blew me away with its production values but overall the film confused me and I honestly can't tell you what happened. The production value of the film in general were beyond amazing though!


This film essentially runs in reverse starting with some half-naked guys putting their clothes back on. They drink, they do silly stuff. They watch their favourite ads, including a Pirate Ad (featuring a brutal Spartan beard if I'm not mistaken). More silly stuff. It's silly...

...but brilliant in that despite it being a total piss take (and sequel of sorts to last year's infamous "Death of Brian") Gorilla so easily do production that everything sounds and looks exactly how they want it to. It's so professionally put together (although was a camera in shot in the mirror towards the end?) that if you were under any illusions about the quality of this team - then they slam you with the impressive "Pirate Ad". The end sequence was superb too and there was a nice nod to Ant at the conclusion of the credits.

Not really about anything at all (although the guys were fantacising I guess), but this team of former CHCH Apee Winners do like messing with us.


A bit of crazy fun! Watching this was a bit like Back to the Future meets the Telly Tubbies. Some really funny moments, loved the laughter turns to straight face in the bath. Pirate commercial was amazing. There is clearly some talent just work on a more clear storyline! Enjoyed this in a slightly confused state!


I am looking forward to seeing this film again, as the first time left me rather confused. Excellent quality in the TV ad in the middle, but so far removed from the main action. Well done on the nomination for most over-the-top performance, well deserved.