'Listen to Leaf' by four.corners

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Listen to Leaf
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Urban Legend
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Entertaining concept of a band mockumentary. I wasn't a fan of how loosely interpreted the "Urban Legend" genre was. However, there were some funny moments here and there and some cool camera work.


A mockumentary on the band "An Urban Legend". Included interviews with band members, their wives/girlfriends and the conflict within the band.

Somewhat tedious as a few of the stereotypes presented fell a bit flat. The sound was a little loud on occasions and the sync was out as well a times.

I loved the drunk spew scene and the message it contained - nice work! Some of your night shots were very well executed too.

Mockumentaries tend to be either loved or hated and to execute one well you need to tell a good story and keep the pace up. Not quite managed here but a creative approach this genre nonetheless.


Some very well done shots (such as the walking down the corridor near the start). I was stoked that you named a character Leaf instead of the cliche-overtly-obvious-tree-leaf-close-up that most films seemed to use. I felt the interviewer was a particularily strong actor in the team. Well done!