'The Fall' by Tokirua Movie Studios

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The Fall
Musical or Dance
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The music quality and singing was great! Its just a shame the genre/style of music was the same every time. Slow and kind of whiny.. even the dinner scene. Great video quality also but its just a shame you didn't play more to the mood of the scenes with each song.
Story couldve developed better if you started of at the point where he meets the girl or somewhere close.


Lacked a stronger plot and/or music. Otherwise, the quality of sound was really great. Great effort!


I have worked with these guys before and I love them to bits, but I didn't enjoy this film. I was very well shot, but I didn't like the samey music throughout and the one thing I did like about the story was undermined by continuing after what could have been a really strong finish.

If your actress cant sing (she can't btw) either play with that fact or don't have her sing, she made me cringe a bit.

I know musical is hard from first hand experience, so I feel shitty about my review here, but its better to give feedback than to ignore it.


Not entirely sure what happened here...
Didn't seem like you made much fun making this. :[?