''SWITCH'' by Toe Jam Productions

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One Shot
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Lasiest use of elements I've seen in a V48 film and no real drama in the story, looked like they tried to cover that up with comedy but the jokes fell flat. Not even Dave could save this film.


The intro was crack up and was hoping for maybe a similar kind of humour in the movie. Unfortunately it felt a bit dry. When the music came in it added to the suspense and 'crime' feel of the film but otherwise it kind of dragged just sitting in one location.

Props to the actors for memorizing the entire script and running with it for the entire film though. Unfortunately the dialogue wasnt able to hold my attention the entire time. Not gonna lie though, almost kept watching Jazmyne the entire film.


Jazmyne - had to look that one up lol. Agreeeed.

In agreement, it was really cool introduction. The rest of the film didn't manage to capture a real hold on the film.

Was thinking to myself that the writer must have had a crazy time writing all that dialogue out! Props for that!


Didn't really hold my attention, but as yeahshotbro pointed out, well done on the one long take.


Dragged out a bit and not interesting enough to sustain my attention for the whole film. Good work, actors, for remembering the entire script!