'Seed' by thedownlowconcept

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End of World
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Josh is always hilarious, but he was superflous to the story which was unfortunate. Probably could have been quite chilling if it had focused on the protagonists relationship instead of being side tracked with comedy that was out of place in the setting.


I liked the light-hearted take on it rather than the usual "OH NO! THE WORLD IS IN PERIL! Lets act depressed or do stupid crap!". But I thought the ending was kind of a let down and it changed the direction.
Nice helicopter(?) shots.


Cinematography, audio, were on point. Like Brent mentioned I appreciated the comical side of it but the ending felt a bit abrupt and could have finished better.

Good stuff guys.


I appreciate the nature of this group to ability to tell their story. Story had a great premise. I also like the light hearted take on the genre. And again, fantastic shots! Kind of agree with just an issue of further developing the story, otherwise an amazing effort as always!

Nice to know they're human and can mess some sound up too :)


Hard to fault this team who always give the best. Cinematography and audio were faultless and the fly-over shot at the end was extraordinary. Had me wondering how they achieved it.

That said, the story left me wanting more and the conclusion felt abrupt. The comedy and straight were nicely intertwined and it's hard to pick any other fault with a short that shoud be up there at the end.


Probably one of the better-made films this heat in terms of cinematography, and I suppose just general quality. A couple of audio glitches, but nothing serious.

The story was where it was let down. I agree with vfs, it could have been a really intense, quite chilling story about a creepy guy and this young girl in a house in the middle of nowhere, if it wasn't for the comedy character. In saying that, however, would it have been thedownlowconcept if it didn't have the comedy? I don't think so.


Watched at the finals last night for the second time and liked it even more. The fancy spoons scene could be my favorite all time scene from 48. All three of the cast were pretty incredible but Josh in the scene where he is asked to leave the next day was a great example of a fine actor at his finest.


Not to take anything away from the winners which were great but this was probably my favourite film of this year. I felt it had one of the strongest stories in the whole festival and I thought the ending was great. I liked the comedy element as a catalyst and the spoons scene was a classic. The final shot didn't quite hold up in quality on the big screen (hero cam on a model helicopter?) I felt but it was worth sacrificing the quality to get the shot.