'My Best Friend Wants to Die' by Three Legged Men and a Woman

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My Best Friend Wants to Die
Found Footage
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Never really believed that the lead wanted to kill himself which undermined the punchline from the start. Made really well and I like how the cameraman managed to show character via simple movements like avoiding the fingers.


Thought it was a good effort in comedy. Though it did kinda drag in a couple of places where the gags didn't quite work. Really liked the gag when you got the cameraman to follow him in to the car when he was poisoning himself! Was the Placemakers guy genuine or was he in on it?


Average story, great audio, great visuals, good lead actor. I agree with Brent it did start to drag at some parts.


Funny premise to the film and found it very entertaining.


Went on for too long. Could have been much funnier, with much greater impact if it was half as long. It was also a little too obvious that he didn't want to kill himself, which made the punchline not as funny. In saying that, I did like the titles at the end of how he died.

Well presented, though!


Well acted, wasn't this guy in Punk Rock at the Basement recently? That was a great play while on the subject...

I think it would have been funnier had he 'died' on screen using clever VFX by accident, for example falling off the bridge. As it was, I didn't believe he wanted to die at all which undermined my appreciation of it.

Nice camera work and audio was fairly consistent, so overall not a bad effort and I look forward to your efforts next time.