'Feilaulau (Sacrifice)' by Too E Taa Hee

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Feilaulau (Sacrifice)
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Could've done better with the audio but otherwise good film.

Shot bro.


I didnt find the film inspirational, so on genre it failed, but it was still a nice film. Camera person needs to watch flicker from lights (this can be seen and fixed at the time, but only by the camera person!) but appart from that did a good job. Good acting, though I could never be certain because it was subtitled, for all I know it was crap acting.


Shameless self plug to make me feel better about the other reviews lols. Thought we made a decent effort at the genre. Had heaps of issues with audio which I feel detracted from the film a lot. Otherwise, (biased opinion lol) good movie.

First film ever for the whole team. All done on the fly after watching movies. Probably would have helped if we got some kind of kung fu flick genre seeing as I've always wanted a Wong Fei Hong haircut.

And just read people don't like when you defend your film. Ignore all of the above. Thanks.


At the end of an inspirational film, one should feel inspired in some way. I don't feel anything for the film, and I think it's all in the ending. The set up was really good for an inspirational film, but the focus was on the wrong character. (I'm afraid I don't remember names) the lazy character had so much more room for development!

Audio and lighting was a bit of an issue (not to mention the director saying "Action" in one of the shots!), though it's not nearly the worst I have seen.

I should end positively, though. I loved how it was subtitled. It brought a bit of culture to the Heat! Great effort, guys!


I loved this film and think it has some of the best acting from a cast I've ever seen in a 48hour film. Heat 22 was really strong and this film stood out for me.


Superb acting and great dialogue. Despite the subtitles and foreign language I believed the character's intentions and emotions.

Obviously the technical issues were too much for some people - flickering, audio mix/edit and the lighting. However, underneath that was a fresh, freeform editing style, a simple, naturalistic and compelling story, well told in 7 minutes.

Once the tech issues are hurdled, I can't wait to see what you guys will pump out next year.

Shot. Fuck the genre. You made a good short film.


I really enjoyed watching this film. I thought it had a powerful story and strong acting.

It's a pity me and the audience could hear the director say 'action', and only because it broke the spell on what would have otherwise been a strong finish.

As mentioned before, I wasn't too concerned about the genre you got either. I felt the story was more important than the rules. Thanks for making a great film! You should be really proud of it, and keep making more of them.