'Avalarion' by Trapdoor Films

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Fantasy Adventure
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Petty much every V48 fantasy turns out like this, no character development and only magic progresses the story. Good effects at the end, to bad they didnt feature throughout.


Average shots, acting etc. Overall it was an average film. Just thought I would share things that stood out - Not sure if it was intentional but I noticed the audio isolating certain lines in the dialogue which people responded to in the audience with laughter. It as effective & funny. One scene that was particularly funny was when the girl says something like 'I sense something!' and she moves to reveal that Indian? guy is right behind her. Lawl.


Hard genre in my opinion to pull off. I think it a fantastic attempt. Thought there were some really funny parts in the film. "I can climb a tree". Great effort in costumes etc.

In the most manly way possible, cute film.


One of the harder genres to pull off, but I think this team had a great effort! Not much else to say that hasn't been said already. Needed more story or character development, and less magic (or more magic). Acting was questionable, but I thought the costumes were great, and it has some pretty funny moments!


Nothing special. Rather cliched but it was fun!