'????' by Unbillable Hours

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2 stories in one, so neither made any real progress or made much sence. Telling us at the end that it is inspirational does not make it so, and by the time it gets to that point the origonal story is pretty much forgotten. Well shot, but not well enough to make up for the incoherant story.


Great shots. Good acting. Loved the use of photos and the music to accompany it to show time progression. The incoherence of the story is the main thing that let this film down as it didn't end up feeling very inspirational in the end.


The story development/plot was portrayed a bit weakly. Hard genre to pull off, especially in a humorous way. Really appreciated the cuts and music. Enjoyed the mother and shrink shots in the opening segment.

As cringe as the "my son can't keep his eyes open" was, found it really funny.