'That's Love, Dawg!' by Spontanymouse

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That's Love, Dawg!
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Romantic Comedy
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A down-on-his-luck priest tries desperately to create love amongst a group of strange and incompatible people.

This film suffered from having too many characters. While there was one main, being the priest, his appearances were too sporadic and I didn't feel any connection with his purpose, but he did have a goal which he set out to achieve, and the film does follow that progress right to the end, so the right elements were there. There was a mixture of good and not-so-good cinematography - a lot of the shots with the priest's reactions were done well and the cutting between the hopeful couples was good, but some shots contained far too much headroom for my liking (maybe it's just me). The plot was well structured with a beginning, middle and end, but the resolution was quite random. Nice ending, and hilariously dead-pan intro. 4/10.


Thanks for taking the time to review our film. We were trying to create an ensemble piece. We ended up making a ten minute film really and had to cut out some of the exposition. So we hope to put the full version up online some time in the near future when we get a chance to finish it. We had a lot of fun making it and think we had some really comic moments. We hope people enjoyed it. It was my first effort at directing and many of our team were quite fresh to 48 hour so I think we are just happy we got it finished in time and enjoyed what we came up with.


I wasn't really into the style of this film, I felt it had too many characters and was a bit thrown off by the light being different when different characters were shown talking to each other, each in their own shot, which I know is a difficult way to film a conversation. However my friend loved it, he laughed his head off right throughout the whole thing and voted it best of the heat. We both liked the simplicity of the guy just agreeing to marry the Ukranian woman, I also thought the explanation of the location was well done.


I enjoyed this effort and thought it was a good directorial debut.

The intro was clever and got laughs from the outset.

Loved the goth character who was very believable and played the understatement in a way that allowed me in to the bizarre circumstances that these characters' all found themselves in.

The one legged priest offered great comic relief and I would have liked to see more...

A great effort and I look forward to seeing more next year!


Absolutely loved this film. Hillarious. Great pace and great characters.