'Super Urban Legendary Adventure' by Frauleins, oh frauleins

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Super Urban Legendary Adventure
Urban Legend
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There's something heartwarming about puppets. It's clear that there was more to fit into this story, but time is a precious thing in 48HOURS. An amusing little story based on what it possibly the best urban legend of all.


I can't criticize this short to any high-end degree (it's more of a skit than a story). These two puppeteers had one objective: to make us laugh. Judging by the roaring crowd reaction and my currently sore throat, mission f**king accomplished. Excruciatingly funny.

I nearly lost it with how they subtly used the leaf near the end. I tip my hat to you, Frauleins.


Full disclosure: the leader/major component of this team is an old friend of mine, and by a fairly amazing coincidence we both happened to employ a distinctly similar approach to the V48 this year. So I'm probably doubly biased in favour of liking this film. Even so, you really have to credit the audacity of this entry. The puppets and the drawn/created green-screened backgrounds perfectly suited and subverted the kids'-show tone. What was most impressive, though, was the short's infectious energy - it really seemed to connect with the audience. It was very brief - I gather a large amount of material was left out due to time constraints - but the story remained cohesive so who cares about running time?

It was absolutely likeable enough that I wasn't sorry not to be the only puppet team - such a shame we weren't in the same heat.


Puppet pair play parts of P-addicted person and partner, producing pleasure. Pants promptly pissed.