'Objects of Desire' by Foreign Affairs

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Objects of Desire
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Romantic Comedy
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A reporter is on assignment to interview people who have formed sexual relationships with inanimate objects...

The sound in the film was seriously messed up with sound for most scenes being at least 15 seconds ahead of vision. It created the weird situation of being able to form a mental image of what was coming before the pictures revealed it.

Although nothing quite prepared the audience for the shot of the "orchid" - I was looking away slightly at the time and only just caught it and I'm still not 100% sure what I saw.

Even if the sound had been in sync I'm not sure the film would have quite hit the "Romantic Comedy" genre but certainly seemed likely to entertain.


Terrible sound completely ruined this one for me, it's a shame as I get a feeling some of the completely cracked scenes would have been funny if the technical problems were solved.


The unsynched sound was a huge distraction which really made it difficult to engage with this one. Even apart from the sound, it wasn’t especially technically accomplished. The writing was funny, though, and the cast really got into their roles.