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Fantastic film loved every minute of it.

An honest portrayal of what 48hours can be like.


It's really hard to imagine quite what happened with this short. I'd love to see it released on YouTube with a director's commentary. Clearly there were some serious issues at some point in the creation of the film (I suspect in editing mostly).

What we got to see were weird snippets of largely unedited footage where a small group of (I'm guessing) former soldiers were summoned to be part of some special mission. Two wanted to join the mission, two did not... And after that... I just don't really know.

The film got some of the biggest laughs of the heat, although presumably not intentionally. From what I could see, had the editing worked out properly I'm still not sure the narrative would have been especially strong, but it's hard to know what else we may have been missing.


This was a complete disaster. I don't think it was even edited. Just seemed like they'd put all their clips into the timeline and hit render, so we get multiple takes of the same shot, including failed takes, audible direction, shots where it cuts midway due to people walking through the frame, and even what appeared to be an accidentally shot piece of the crew taking a break.

It was funny to watch, but that was exclusively due to being a complete trainwreck. I'm quite sure it would actually have been worse if it had been edited better, as what small charm there is in the disaster would have been completely lost.


I would also like to know how this film came about. In the old days, when films were submitted on MiniDV tape, this would have been pulled pretty quickly because, ‘Oops, you accidentally submitted your raw footage; who knows how long this could go on for.’ But given that someone had to actually make the choice to output this as we saw it, they presumably either ran out of time in a fairly staggering way, or had some truly epic technical difficulties. At least what they seemed to be going for was in the 48Hours spirit – if you want to just ‘vibe it’ and have a laugh with your friends, then martial-arts action is a good way to go. However, it’s also fun to actually finish what you start.