'Open, Closed Doors' by D.E.R.P. Productions

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Open, Closed Doors
One Shot
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This film was made a success by it's lead actor, who was absolutely hilarious and totally committed to the part. The compositing was also impressive, given the hand held camera, and although the ending was a little predictable, the journey was worth it. My third favourite film of the night.


This was a film that I thought would easily stand up outside of the 48 hours arena and an excellent example of a one shot film.

A guy, who lives alone, sees strange visions every time he opens a door so he closes it and when it reopens things are back to normal. A great mix of humour and horror. Well thought out camera moves to keep the film moving without looking like they were trying to move the camera to get a shot was very impressive.

The only thing that I think might let this film down in judging was I didn't get the 'unlucky person' out of this but rather an OCD personality. However that being said, great little film and really impressed with how you guys pulled off the one take. Well done.


Loved this film and the lead character was so believable. So much happening and you expecting something, you were never let down. Great stuff technically too I would have never guessed you did the edit where you did!


If one shot was a difficult genre, this short kind of made it look easy with a clever backstory and over the top graphics. A teeny bit long, but the effort does not go unnoticed.


Nice film again from the team at DERP. Excellent use of a tough genre. Entertaining, quirky and some great effects work. This is a good team and they always have a fresh take on 48 hours. Enjoyed :)


I really enjoyed this film and was my 3rd favorite of the night. I think that mostly came from the lead actor whos commitment to the role really sold the idea. But I think it's main weakness is that it was a concept film rather than actually having a narrative or character journey. But still an entertaining watch!


This film was about an eccentric. He was somewhat delusional and kept seeing things.

The film had a strong lead actor and the production values were somewhat ok. The film contained a lot of composited effects. This made the film stand out. Depending on the judging, this film could sneak into the finals. If the judges judge the same as last year.

If they are looking for originality this film is definitely that.

Two word review

"Eccentric fun"


Great film again NOT going for the funniest but brilliantly executed one shot film. Lead actor just soooo believable and all his ghosts were perfectly timed. I did notice where the edit/s were but so what. The ending was okay but I didn't care who was at the door as I was waiting to see what he did next. You guys should be in the finals!!


Love the one-shot. nice. Veery adult which was good.


We had an awesome and diverse team and a challenging genre this year. Thanks to every DERP who lent a hand, we couldn't have made this film without the help of everyone. For those who say they can see the edit(s), this is a true one shot. We spent all morning blocking and after 4 and a half tries, we had the take that we needed, which left the good part of Saturday for composting some fancy special effects. Thanks to our lead actor, Kevin Harty, he was wonderful to work with and he stuck around until the final render. The amazing Andy Bennett with the theme song and writing talents, and our beautiful producer, Lisa Te Brake, without whom none of us would be making films together.
Thanks also to everyone who reviewed our film, it's wonderful to hear what everyone has to say and what they've taken away from watching it... See you all next year.