'Glow' by Del Sur

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What's been really interesting over the years is watching the regular teams as they gain experience and, let's face it, get older, have a go at the dreaded 'Serious Film'. Memory fails me if this is Del Sur's first attempt, but man, it's a stunner.

For a start, its the only film so far (Admittedly I haven't seen that many) Where the leaves are actually used as a relevant, subtle and quite beautiful plot point. The lead performance is compelling, and the final twist wraps the whole thing up perfectly. Del Sur brought their A game for year 10, and I fully expect to see it again at the final.


This was a really strong heat but these guys really stood out - as always. Props to the lead actor for really drawing in the audience with a great performance, I'm sure there were more than a few teary eyes which is quite an accomplishment in under 7 mins.

A story about a guy taking his pregnant wife to the mid wife and they have an accident and then the resulting trauma that goes with tragedy. The acting was superb and the production values were as high as ever. It was a very very good serious film from a team known for funny laugh out loud comedy.

The only part that took me out of the moment was the amusing (not sure if it was intentional or not) scene with the Mormons at the door but other than that this would have to be in the finals I would be very surprised if it didn't take out Audience Fav.

Fantastic work.


This film startled me. A wishy-washy 'inspirational' concept that left me feeling more disillusioned than the protagonist. This was a film in which the core idea seems to have been stacked onto idea onto idea -- and none of which are very good.

Unoriginal content masked by great technical skill.
Not inspired eh.


Delsur certainly know how to make a film but with a credits list like that you would expect such. Awesome opening to the film and slick production values. Some good acting and nice pace but I felt the production values may have taken a little away from the story. Great work by the main characters though holding it all together.


When I saw this film I was like "yes something strong" as the film went on I was getting more and more bored. Yes it stood out, yes it had strong acting. But the film itself was boring. The story was not there. I have not seen a film like it but it did not seem original in any way. Was it an inspirational film? Maybe?

As for the production values, they were average. It is now common to shoot on DSLR cameras. The downside of this is that the films all look the same. So if your trying to have an original story, you need to create an original look to your story too. So that made the film bland looking and boring.

If this makes the finals I will be totally shocked. Simply because if a film can make the finals it could win the national award, I honestly don't want to see an unoriginal film like this be in the same category as Brown Peril or Child Jumpers.



NICE! Well acted and touching film. I like these types. No cheesy comic set ups, even the preachers at the door was understated so not to overpower the emotional pull of the movie. Lovely ending but whoa there on the blood, if that was a real situation with that much blood the woman would be bleeding to death! It was nicely shot and the frame well thought out. Well done director :) Will was great, so drew you into his heartache but I felt it was a little long and there was not enough of a turning point/catalyst to urge him out the door. I was asking what made him finally get out into his car and drive again? Maybe I missed it? but no I was drawn well into the story. Great film.


It was a strong heat indeed,to make something this tight in 48 hours is a feat in many levels, mast say take my hat off to these guys .Yes dam it I'm totally jelous ,the entire package editing sound & score WOW. guess it sets the bar in every level ,must be one of my favs of the night, thumbs up to some great moments by lead actor ??,with a hint of comedy .


What an awesome example of what great writing and great acting can do together. Wills' performance was so good that I think the finals audience were poised to riot if he didn't win best actor. Speaking of great acting, Andrew Munro as angry guy was also outstanding and could easily have been nominated too.