'Future Snake' by Crankleskank

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Future Snake
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Found Footage
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Very clever use of team intro worked into the final film, and generally funny right though...no big suprises, but stuck to it's genre well, and was clear and easy to follow. The audition sequence was hilarious. Was narrowly beaten out by Open Closed Doors for my third place vote.


Some very funny scenes in this film and I too loved the tie-in to their team intro, very nice touch.

The film is a directors Video diary of him making his film, and how it all goes horribly wrong.

Some nice acting, and the casting scene was great.


Awesome use of the team's intro to then go back and take a look at the found footage... nicely done! Well acted and (of course) well shot. Crankleskank has a good rep for quality film making and they didn't disappoint this year.


Liked this film and loved the over eager director. Good story but ending slid into nothing. What did he do?? suicide off to murder the producer? It wasn't clear and the ending is just as important as the beginning. Good audition sequences but I felt it was a bit long but the awkward moments and uncomfortable looks worked well due to good editing and direction. Great sequence when shooting through the car window screen. Liked this film.


Really enjoyed this film. Great structure, and use of intro/ending idea was great. Simple, funny and an easy story to follow with good use of elements (genre, prop, line etc). Nice pacing and character arc, excellent acting and production work, very professional. Good effort again from this team.


I enjoyed this film, and thought it had a great way in which it used the opening intro and the film itself. But it was one of those films that had a good concept but wasn't pulled off as well as it could have been. Had some moments of genius with the comedy side of things, and was entertaining for sure, so well worth checking out when it goes online.


I am not going to take away the originality from this film. It was definitely stand alone. The acting was strong, the production values were ok. I think the actor over did it towards the end and I think the story got lost.

What did we walk away with as the audience? Nothing is the answer, he just took off....wtf It made no sense, I think the writers got pushed and it just ended. The team got stuck. They wrote the 30 second into into the story and got stuck with that and did no pay off. What happened to the character...

Four word sum up

"Original until the end"


Yeah like the start and the body of this film but the ending of the director was just faded away, pity.
A lot of hard work in this film with all the different scenes and actors, well done. Original and because of the "fly on the wall" style of filming one can excuse the film for not having gloss and polish. I liked it and the over acted director Nicky Brick. Cool guys.


Good. Like it. Nice work.


Good. Like it. Nice work.


Quality filmmaking, awesome actor, felt real, funny, witty, kept you watching it wanting to know how it ends and then its a great twist. Really hard genre to pull off and they did a fantastic job.


just reading a couple of reviews for this film, and while there are alot of valid points, giving it a one star rating is ridiculous. it was funny, the acting was good, the shots and way the genre was tackled was interesting and although the ending was dealt with quickly and could have used more of a build/explination i didnt mind not knowing what happened to nicky brick at the end. i used my imagination. maybe it was suicide or maybe a killing spree. it totally left me wanting more.