'Brick's Quest' by Dogs Breakfast

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Brick's Quest
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Fantasy Adventure
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My second favourite film of the night, but I'm a sucker for lego and animation. Cute, pacy and funny, another good showing from these veterans. Finalist? Maybe.


The film's intro summed up Dog's Breakfast's filmology and jarred some fond memories of looking back through this team's history. With all the hard work from the past and improved film making through the years, DB hit the nail on the head. This was the most enjoyable and entertaining short and had me "rolling in the aisles". Good job, you deserve a prize this year.


The lego animation is gold but I can't help but feel I have seen this all before from different sorts of parody/comedy films. Very clever work but story lacking for me, good pace and funny yes but I need more than that.


"...death is coming.." could not imagine a more hysterical use of a lego grim reaper. Thumbs up on the novelty and tight screenplay, the ending could have been more befitting to the whole buildup.


Well who doesnt like a Lego adventure? it must have something to do with our childhood but always a winner when done well, i cant rate it too highly even though i enjoyed this mainly because there is so much lego animation on the net already. Apart from that i loved the sped up montage lol


My 2nd favorite film of the night and easily the funniest. It got off to a slow start but once I 'got' what they were going for I really enjoyed the ride. The triple montage and the death character were highlights for sure!


Original, well executed and was edited well.

Overall a pleasant watch. Will make the finals for sure.


Sorry so over lego animation at the moment. That's what most people do when starting to make movies.
It was funny but that is all it was oh and nicely editted but I don't know just didn't seem like a short film just someone playing around with lego and filming it. And it doesn't just come down to the funniest film does it?


Nice editing and V/O. Personally I enjoy 'real movies' and not stop motion. Fantasy adventure this certainly ticked the box though seemed all a little to easy for me. Good solid effort definitely had a few laughs