'Four Revelations' by Cantankerous

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Four Revelations
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I really did enjoy this film, needs a little more acting from some of the girls. The girl that fell - she needed a more convincing head injury - But otherwise a great story line, music and humor.
Very inspirational


A+++ Good work for age of the group.


Well done getting a take done with an animal that was useable, sometimes it's always a hit or miss.
If the storyline was a little bit stronger you girls would have gone a long way. Look forward to seeing what you produce in the future..


The girls were young and it's a bit naive, but it's also very fresh, full of light.


I loved the effort put in - but the film was rather poor.


thought it was creative and really nicely put together and extremely good work for their age could work on sound and lighting but cant wait to see what they come up with next year


a bit stink. i did not understand it. so the girl hit her head on carpet and the children found god? what was that?


i think this is a great movie considering your age!!!! bravo on getting a shot with a dog, sometimes it can be hard to to that. really creative and a great storyline! all in all i think it was a very good inspirational movie and i cant wait to see what you come up with next year!!

btw nosey boy the girl (lauren?) came back from hospital, they didnt go meet god!?