'Faux Pas' by Chicken Water Movies

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Faux Pas
Erotic or Superhero
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Good acting.
Nice instant death by calf stab?

Was going somewhere then fell a bit flat at the end.
Nice work.


Dylan Moran.


Nice acting everyone, i liked the flashblacks. Wouldnt really call it "erotic"


Stronger emphasis on the 'erotic' and this film would have been great.
There were some loose ends in the plot that needed to tighten the storyline up. Good job on your first of I hope many 48Hour attempts


Really let down when the erotic nature of a film involves a misunderstanding. Shame.


They tried to pull out something, but there was nothing erotic about that thriller [I admit it's not an easy thing to ask to your actors]. Some bits in the car park were alright, but the story doesn't hold together.


This film was nicely filmed and edited. Although the lack of 'erotic-ness' really let itself down in the competition. Was the stab to the leg with an epi-pen? Still nicely shot.


Loved the style of the film...the black and white contrast between the characters' costumes and the surroundings..enjoyed the car park scene although didnt really get the storyline, but it didnt matter, its one of films that you just enjoy watching


The narrative seemed to take a sudden turn in pace around the middle. I'm not sure what they were really going with. This film was nice to look at, story was a little hard to follow.