'Relationship Pending' by Boats & Hobos

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Relationship Pending
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Romantic Comedy
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This was a great take on the romantic comedy genre. A good look at facebook stalking and liking and tagging. I think I would have liked it better though if after stalking her on facebook she turns out to be completely different from what he thought she was. But the deadpan comedy was hilarious and it was very well acted and a nice sendup of modern times.


An up-to-date take on the romcom genre with a poignant premise. While slow at times, the film progresses with good production values and excellent sound, and it's memorable for its deeply troubled characters. I would have liked to see them develop a little more, and things seemed to work out a little too easily for them. The fun is in the chase! But Boats n' Hobos is a totally capable team and I know I'll enjoy what they serve up next.


The production value and sound in this film was simply top notch! The comic timing was exceptional and the storyline easy to follow. I can't wait to see what this team has to offer in the future.


Mockumentaries in this competition seem to be an easy way to get laughs and this film was no exception. The audience found it hilarious! The ending was a bit predictable and perhaps disappointing...but then again isn't that just like most rom coms?

Technically the sound was good and shots nicely composed but could have been enhanced with some better lighting.


A nice take on the Romantic Comedy, don't think I've seen a mocko-romantic comedy in 48HOURS before.
Well acted, some GREAT lines of dialogue and awesome use of dead pan.
The camera work looked great. Nice minimalistic use of music. It was well edited, could've been tightened in places but not many.
All in all a great little short. The audience CLEARLY loved it, loads of laughs, and that also showed in the voting.


Gotta say that this one was one of my favorites of the heat. Great acting, and like the fact that they used Facebook stalking (something relevant to today that most of us can relate to) as the basis for a romantic comedy.

Great production values as well - Fantastic job, team... and good luck.