'Princeless' by Braid the Wife's Fur

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Fantasy Adventure
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It was a pity that this one got disqualified. It was beautifully shot, very cinematic and a really interesting take on the fairytale genre.


Hey, what a sweet, chunky, arty and watchable film! The establishing shots here gave way to some breathtaking locations. I love the idea to set a fantasy film to start in the aftermath of a big party. This film had subtle and elegant use of special effects - original at least in the context of this competition and completely right for the film. The follow-the-balloons sequence was mystifying and lovely, but highlights the film's only failing in that some of the actions seem disconnected from others. The actual plot driver arrives late in the piece, so the big picture is a bit confusing (or maybe I missed it). Regardless, this is a gentle and magical film that the whole team can be proud of - art department, lighting, sound, actors and directors. Plus it got huge appeal from the audience - deserved!


Had a kind of De ja Vu start for me with the opening party. It reminded me of the 48 hrs promo ads of the past with the animal heads. Nice story location, and cinematography here was top notch. The use of the balloons to lead us further into the storyline was clever. Acting seemed natural to the cast, I enjoyed this movie :)


Looked like it was going somewhere interesting but never quite did.


The art in this film was gorgeous, and really evoked the fairytale theme. Believable acting helped to immerse the viewer - only fell down a bit towards the end when, after the long and effective set-up following the balloons, the situation, climax and solution all came about very suddenly, which was a bit confusing - could tell what was happening, approximately, but it didn't feel like enough closure on the stunning sequence prior, leaving me at least a bit disappointed. Really nice balance of costume, art, set, lighting that all fed into each other, giving the film an overall high-calibre appearance which was only let down by the unveiling of its plot.