'Doll House' by Burt Brothers

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Doll House
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This was done well. It was a bit of thriller with saw like characteristics and mix of The Hunger Games and perhaps The Silence of The Lambs. It was seriously quite freaky and the guy who played the freak pulled of his part very well. The only issue I have was that it was more psychological thriller perhaps than action movie. Saw to me isnt really an Action movie, but James Bond is or something like John Carter.


best movie everrrrr


I'm giving you guys 7/10 just for the guy in drag... Hilarious!


This was ridiculously useless as a film, limited production value and a narrative that left a lot to be desired. I felt embarrassed for this team, because they were outclassed by some young teams with little if any experience at all. Hopefully we will see this team again with a decent storyline and structure to their film.


Kinda liked this one. Good.


Great Film. Good to see a team having fun with costumes/character.


Loved the interesting plot! Tranny dude was great :)


Thought this was such a clever well done film. Acting was superb!!!
Defiantly would be in the top 3 for there heat.
Great work guys look forward to seeing more of your work


An interesting (if not exactly new) idea that had the potential to offer more excitement/tension and more in the art department than it did. The simple mysterious opening was quite promising, but the farcical climax was a bit of a letdown. There was an effort to make the costumes of the girls intriguing and they did capture the imagination but the lack of really stunning shots or good lighting lessened the effect. The timing of the script was a bit lacklustre, but the real clincher for me was the gimmicky drag queen - whose appearance immediately removed all sense of tension from the story by turning into a complete joke. Sure, a guy in drag gets laughs - but at the expense of any stakes the rest of the story may have set up. Would have enjoyed it a lot more if the criminal had been taken somewhat seriously and made at all sinister or threatening - could then also have felt a bit more connected with the girls. But hey, I guess turning it into a gag halfway through was a choice of the team.