'CONVICTED' by Blank Pages

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Musical or Dance
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This is encouraging! Blank Pages are a young and clearly new-at-this little crew. And they drew musical - not a forgiving genre!

But the girls got straight to work with a proper attempt to create the best film they could, and though the production quality left plenty to be desired, it's delightful to see what they got right.

I also have to say that the line directly following the friendship-song had the WHOLE cinema in hysterics, maybe the biggest laugh of the night. I thought I was going to cry with laughter.

And it's clear that the team used the right process to make the film. Create the music, record the video, combine. So cool! Well done, it might take years of practice but you've definitely shown that Blank Pages has got what it takes.


When I saw that this team of three young girls had drawn musical, I felt sorry for them. But they stepped up and owned the genre! While the production values left a lot to be desired, the basic storytelling skills were there (one line had the audience in stitches) and I was actually quite impressed with the songs they managed to knock out over the weekend. They show potential!


Nice effort girls. I drew the musical/dance genre once and decided to go the dance route because it's so damned hard to do a good musical!
Though this short wasn't my cup of tea you can tell a lot of hard work went into it and it's a great attempt from ones so young. Keep at it!


Well Done to you guys. Though you guys are clearly a young team, it was great to see you giving it a shot. I believe the only thing that let you guys down was your production values, but with better equipment, especially camera, I can see you girls doing great things. The narrative was simple and effective, with well timed cuts between flashbacks and the interview room. Some of the lines were cheesy at times, but still left the whole audience in hysterics. Hopefully you guys can use some good gear and get some experience, because I think in 4 or 5 years time, these girls could definitely be up there with the best of them.


Loved the dead girl's singing. Look forward to seeing you in NZ Idol sometime.


Enjoyed this film so much! Great singing and was very funny! Did very well for what they had