'Broken Clover' by Big Red Fire Truck

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Broken Clover
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Found Footage
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Disappointed in Big Red Firetruck this year. A team of proper grown-ups with access to some pretty amazing locations, costumes and props, but underutilised. Seemed like a bunch of guys with guns doing things that are a bit boring! It's not that they ever need to fire, just that the tension of their situation could have come through a lot more. But that's the plot, it seems, good-for-nothings go bush, then everybody dies. Too bad the characters seemed as surprised about the plot occurring as anyone else (what was with that?)

I want to see more refined (not necessarily serious) work from Big Red Firetruck, maybe next year.


This was hilarious. Not sure what planet Exquire is on! Must be Irish? Losen up and don't be so 'serious'!

Would have been great to see the guys break through the door, but all the same, Awesome, funny as clip! Love the beany getting shot! The Flax toilet scene was a crack up!

Well Done, Big Red Firetruck :) Look forward to seeing your next work!


This film was a hoooooooot. There was some witty Irish banter and a lot of stuff about potatoes and a classic moment with a leaf in a portaloo. Some great deadpan moments also with the rubbing of camouflage. It looked like they were applying makeup. Poor Nicky Brick to be caught up in all that. Got to feel sorry for her.


This film was hilarious. Sean O'Connor and Tonci Pivac were a hoot. Great use of the leaf.


The editing and story line let this one down. This film had lot's of laughs though and many an Irish joke.
I am still confused as to how the guns gave off so much smoke! And why the girl died from inhaling it? Not even in a John Woo film have I seen so much gun smoke.
Still nice effort guys


Tangerine, that was smoke from burning potatoes, not guns. And it IS possible for people to pass out and die due to smoke asphyxiation.


Not really any found footage in this one. I think 48HRS kicked your arse this year.


Well Mr Salmon, 48HRS may well have kicked our arse this year, but mine is still smarting from the use of the prop.
We had fun, that was the main thing.

Now I have to just step away for a few minutes while my ACC home-help applies the cream. I should be recovered by next year.