'Warped' by Sacred Heart College

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Fantasy Adventure
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"Warped" is right. I want to give this film a terrible score, but I loved it so freaking much. They will *not* be getting back the bond on their rented costumes, oh no. This film smashes through location after location with deliriously sloppy editing and a completely unconvincing cast. But you CAN NOT LOOK AWAY. To add insult to injury, it's a horrifyingly long ordeal to sit through. I clapped my little heard out when it finished, and the crowd was already talking excitedly. Could this be a contender for "best bad film"? I sure hope so.

Afterwards between the sessions, I went for a piss. And who should be in there but the star. Peeing beside me, he triumphantly announced that it wasn't always him in the film. He would swap out with his twin. Dick-in-hand, I told him to keep on making movies. And he nodded, proud. This crew's got a lot of energy and they'd benefit from a good course on film production techniques. This was a highly enjoyable spectacle and I hope we get more soon.


This film was hilarious, the best thing I have seen in a long time haha. Was my second favorite film of this heat, my favorite bit was the statement about Auckland. Good job :)


haha very funny funny start
team seemed to work well together


Though not the greatest film shown in terms of shooting quality, by far the funniest of the night. This movie just cracked me up. The beginning involving the guy in the giant bear costume made me piss myself. The over the top chessiness and stupidity made it a good watch. Well done


I really believe this one should get through to the regionals. I loved it. It was super funny and didn't try to take itself seriously. Really good work guys, I'm impressed.


Very entertaining, despite what i thought was a fairly weak storyline. I really liked the bit at the park, where Nicki and Bobby(?) meet the fantasy dude. it was a good setup, and despite a loose script it got the laughs so nice work.


I liked the bit when the bear suit guy fell over, then was all 'Grrrrrrrrr'. People in animal suits are funny. But that was it really.


Not the most amazing camerawork, a lot of crew visible in shots. But was my favourite of the night, I was laughing at the bear and the dragon even on the way home. I wanna see this in the regionals. Good work guys


The shooting quality of the film left a lot to be desired but this was more than compensated for with the amount of jokes that were packed into it. The nods to previous year's characters was a nice little in-joke. The sheer OTTness of it all helped add to the surreal aspect of the film and elevate beyond average by managing to squeeze every ounce of laughter from the audience. Good job.


Didn't care much for this film. Started out with a few laughs, some less intended than others I suspect, but increasingly got more irritating.

Not sure if using your location as some sort of plug for your high school was a good idea, but I guess keeping your filming local to your base was a good call production wise. But every time I saw or heard something to do with Sacred Heart I rolled my eyes. But this could have been something you had to do as part of a school team, in which case don't join a school team.

Again, gags were good for a while, but dull all around. Nice try.


Good effort by the Sacred Boys all round. Throughout the film you can see that they are young and eager boys doing it for the first time. Little mistakes here and there but other that that funny film to put in good mood. I also thought the boys did extremely well working well the genre they were given from what I could see was fantasy-adventure which is not easy to work with in 48 hours.

Good characters were Nicki and Bobby who were a pleasure to watch as comedy came to both naturally, and the boys in the dragon and bear suits were a good laugh. Also nice effects throughout the film, well done to the editor stella job.

Can see this team going far in the future if they keep working harder every time and hope they go far in the school division.


This was a very funny film possibly the most humerus of the heat and it looks like the team had a laugh making it as well. From a film point of view the camera work, story and editing left allot to be desired, however it was a great laugh and I thought it had some good jokes which worked well with the story.