'V-oodoo dancing' by Film The People

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V-oodoo dancing
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Musical or Dance
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Lost big points with me for whatever the technical problem was that prevented the proper resolution from being presented. Sort it out!

This is an aspiring film crew who are up-front about wanting to do more work. And they should! They have a good sense of framing despite limited equipment available, plus a reasonable idea for a dance film and the ability to bust out some sick moves. Despite the potential, this crew will need more practice and attention to detail - I just really hope they get it.


It was a shame about what ever technical issue had gone wrong in this film. It made it very difficult to watch. Should I be shaking my fist at the sky and cursing rendering? Possibly.
It was an interesting premise but could have been executed better with a more involved set up.
Nice dance moves though. Just next time, try slicker editing and pay more attention to the sound. The counting out got distracting.


You guys had a great initial idea, it just needed to be further developed, and maybe have a more unexpected twist in it so the audience feels more satisfied at the end. I think the last scene where he realized it was him doing it wasn't necessary, i think there could have been many other better endings you could have explored. I just didnt feel like I'd got anything from that film as a viewer. A stronger storyline (and a better quality camera - but lets not go there, this has already been mentioned) would have really helped this film.


Filmed on the worlds first camera phone. That's all the review this needs...


If moviemaking is your passion, keep at it. Dont wanna give you a bad review, but would love to see you in years to come improving each time.



Test your camera! Test your editing software! Test your export!


But even without your horrendous technical hiccup(?), this was still pretty poor film making. A nice concept, but with a rushed and lazy execution. Clear but paper thin use of character, pretty much non-existent use prop, average use of line and I don't even remember the slow motion.

You seem like you guys want to keep doing this. Write more, shoot more, edit more. Read up on cinema techniques, watch more films



Its a shame about the technical probems but hey thats what the V48 is all about. Trying something out, making mistakes and learning from them. By the sounds of it you are passionate about film making and something like this shouldn't get you down and I'm sure you wont. Keep it up and I hope we will see you next year.