'Trigger Happy' by DaBalance

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Trigger Happy
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One Shot
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DaBalance did really well. The film cut *straight* in to the conflict and action of the story, then presented a packed-full film that was always opening new plot threads and things to remember. It's a party where everything's going wrong, and things go *really* wrong. Good use of tropes around the vampires and action - *inviting* Lucretia in to the house etc. The team made great use of sound for a young crew, and I suspect the only limitation in that department was their equipment. This is an ambitious and action-packed single-shot with good use of slow-mo, a make-up change and an always-moving camera. Great work!


While I commend the use of vampire tropes in this film, perhaps in the future you could stick to things more believable. I have no problem with the vampires, more the young kids getting drunk and the party in the middle of the day. A different setting could have helped this film immensely. Also, things became a bit ridiculous by the end. A little too much going on meant I lost track of who was attacking and who and why certain characters were there. One last point, exposition over dialogue is usually never a good idea. You had already set up the premise, there was no need for the character to run upstairs and repeat everything we had already learned to the camera.


A good attempt at a one shot, and really impressed by how everything timed out...did you actually do it in one shot or did you cheat it? Anyways it timed out well, and it left me impressed. The storyline was ok, it could have been stronger but i guess with having to worry about how you are going to do an entire film in one shot was more of a priority! The actors were ok, the vampire girls were good. I dont know why it was set during the day? Night would have made more sense and added something to it. The ending "recap" wasnt really necessary. It would have been better to not do a piece to camera but try to get that message across in another way. But overall, not a bad effort, and really impressed by that all being one shot!


Story is everything. I think that's the moral of the story here (pun sort of intended). You had a great concept for this film, but your story really collapsed upon itself. From small things like kids drunk off V, to vampires standing in the daylight (none of that Twilight sparkling shit). Then there were bigger things like, who was that dude in the mask who came in and started shooting people? The ending was madness, but not the best kind of madness. Also, exposition is a killer. Work on the subtleties of the medium.

Use of mandatory elements was weak also, felt like it was pasted on top of everything you had written and didn't really fit with the flow of the film. The fact that you had to highlight who Nicky was in the credits is not a good thing.

However, the promise in your team is extraordinary. You clearly had a lot love for this film, and will to try new things, which is key in film making. Writing and choreographing a shoot like this is hard, and you did well to pull off what you did. Well done.


So the moral of the film was that you have to actually 'invite' a Vampire into your house... or they can't enter. Cool, got it.


Not a bad attempt with what I think is a hard genre. I got the general idea of the story. Makeup, blood etc were done quite well and actors did all right considering having to act for a long period of time.

This is just me but Twilight vampire's (eg. don't die in the sunlight) just suck. Keep them dark, mysterious and evil.


This from the director of this film. Our film could only be filmed in the day other wise we would have done it at night also our actors didn't like the first film we wrote because it didn't have vampires in it so we had to write a new film so that's why most of it has no real story but the other one did thx for the reviews


I just wanted to thank everybody for the reviews. Everything helps. We were forced to film during the day because of actors not being able to stay till night. I think we did well, not perfect, but well for a first time attempt. It was fun doing it, and being the team leader was hard and stressful but worth it in the end. I did want to have some meaning to the vampire killer (Daniel Bruce who did a great job helping on and off screen) by him talking to the main character (Tyler Preece) before he 'tries' to kill the vampires. In retrospect it would be nice to have more of a storyline for the vampire killing in the end. It was meant to be that the vampire(Caroline Ann Sutcliffe) kills the queen vampire(Lucretia Griffiths who also helped off screen with the main writing of the story) in order to gains leadership in the... clan?
Anyways, thanks again for the reviews, and I am looking forward to doing this again next year. (Being bias I am improving the score of what I thought it would be)
Oh, and yes, we DID do it all in one shot, with me trailing behind Tyler with the boom mic! Haha.
Ashray Shetty


I think this team did alright with the equipment they had. The hand held footage almost made it feel like a found footage film rather than an Urban Legend Film.

Once the killer came into the house, I completely lost track of what was happening. There was so much going on, and it was hard to keep track of the Vampires and the others.

Good first attempt though!