'Malicious Techniques' by Pro Valve Productions

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Malicious Techniques
Romantic Comedy
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Very funny. Loved it. The crying at the end had me in stitches. You had some classic moments the whole way through. Not sure about the ending though, you didn't really set up that there was someone else in the girl's life.


I will recommend that a young team don't try to play adults. It turns to film into a joke before you can even get to the jokes. The whole thing felt a bit uncomfortable but you had nice gags in there to get everyone laughing. The crying at the end was the best bit by far.


This was shit. Everyone in the audience was left dumber after having endured it. The one good thing I can say about it, is that it wasn't the worst film on the night.


A bit of a mess, but your definitely got the 'com', whether intentionally or not. Made a lot of mistakes that people picking up cameras for the first time make. The shallow depth of field looked nice in the bar scene however, so props to whoever shot that.

Also, that is the first and only time I have ever seen the polar bear line work.


Sorry, double post. Bad internet, bad!


I felt really awkward watching this, I hope that was the intention. Audio was bad at times, and the dialogue was pretty lame. However, I laughed heartily at the crying at the end. Did you guys use a hose? Fantastic.


As someone has already said in the comments, there is just something not right about kids making jokes about adult content. Distracted me the entire time watching it.

But not bad attempt at the genre. The crying scene was a highlight as it was so unexpected and even though this is contradicting what i said above I did think the polar bear pick up line was funny.