'Don't Turn Around' by Samurai Sushi Productions

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Don't Turn Around
Urban Legend
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I see what you were trying to do. Classic twist movies work only when the audience can keep up with the story. Work on your story telling devices. Film stuff that tells the story and make sure you miss nothing. Good attempt at a difficult genre.


This film makes a hearty effort but has a long way to go. There is a lot of potential in this group and in a few years, with better equipment, you could really go places. I liked your use of editing for the gruesome parts.


What in the hell was this?! Half of the 'film' was solely shots of the male lead being dead. The other half was drowned out by the 'score'. I'd rather watch a new Rebecca Black music video. Most definitely the worst on the night. Imagine if it had been filmed on the worlds first camera phone.


Started out intriguing with some nice cinematography here and there but ultimately left a lot to be desired. The sound issues definitely bogged the film down and took alot away from the finished product. Good effort though, this team shows promise and with a little more time spent on the script and the editing will ultimately produce a more polished film next year.


Let me begin by saying that I'm sorry for sounding so harsh, but...

This was a complete and utter mess. Just really lazy film making. I wasn't sure what was going on here. It felt like there was a fairly okay idea, but the crew, whoever they were, because there was no real intro or credits (time should never be an excuse for this, by the way) just stopped caring. Like, was there a script? What the hell was with the editing?

Also, use actors who aren't in other teams. Again, looks kind of bad when they're played almost back to back.

There a bad films by people who tried, and then there is this. REALLY think about what you're doing before making a 48 Hours film, or any film. This was a shambles, with little evidence of understanding or care for the craft.

Again, sorry for sounding like a prick, but this film really urked me the wrong way.


After this film I was left asking allot of questions. I kind of see what it was about and what the film was trying to say but unfortunately this film was very poorly executed in putting its story across I did not feel any connection with the story or characters. However on a positive note it had some nice choices in its cinematography which were complimentary to the story. Just needs a bit more work and it'll be sweet as!


Ok first off just a few words for some of the comments being said here: calm down, take a breath and chill out. This isn't the academy awards. Its V48. A lot of the teams are amateur and still learning their craft. In the words of the Joker "WHY SO SERIOUS!!!"

Now to the film. While it has to be applauded that you tried something different with shots, editing, characters etc generally it just didn't work. You can do all sorts of tricky stuff when film making to make it look cool but if there is no basic structure to make sense of it all the audience will become lost to whats going on. And thats how I felt at the end all I could think of was "I don't get it". So just remember, get the story/structure sorted first before trying to do the tricky stuff.

Nice try though and keep at it.