'Bricks & Mortar' by Wusturn Sprungs

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Bricks & Mortar
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Your film rocked. Sure there was a bit of amateurishness here and there but you took lots of risks and most of them paid off.
Sucks you got disqualified. I think your Nicky was too lucky - you should have killed him.
If you hadn't had been disqualified I seriously believe you could have won that heat.
Guttered for you guys. Keep it up and hope to compete with you next year :D


hey guys your movie was awesome i was guttered that you guys got disqualified.
i liked how your nicky brick actually survived your movie that was quite original :)
and you gotta love the real long pour time on your tea/v crackup
yours truly an entertained twin:)


Wow! What the fuck, this was too good!

Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of footage I'd suggest cutting back. I just _really_ hope this team wasn't disqualified for being too long.

Despite limited equipment available, this team uses amazing cinematography and camera techniques that set up scene and character - better than I've seen from any other school team. This team shows great knowledge of the genre and makes use of several Action tropes early on, but sometimes at the expense of pacing. But it gets really strong in the third act, with a menacing/annoying/despicable bad guy and some side-splitting and satisfying moments of slow-build humour. Then a stonker of a fight breaks out, like it has to. Perhaps the best fight I've seen in the heats this year! And then wow! That slow-mo shot! Where did that COME from and how exactly did you do it? Best technical use of slow-mo from a young team yet, and dropped with perfect timing. Boom!

I loved it. This whole team should stay together even if they're leaving school, and don't get freaking disqualified next year.


A real shame about the DQ as this was one the better of the night. Fight scenes were well done and the slow-mo jump was awesome.


Some nice shots. And a really solid effort at tackling fight sequences. Pacing was a little off at times. The hefty dialogue at the end was a bit much.


The cinematography in this one was excellent. However I felt it slacked off a bit at the end. The fight scenes were brilliant and you have a good eye for timing and editing. There were a few minor issues with your film but I really believe if it hadn't been disqualified, you would have been a real contender.


I think everyone here has covered the execution with the action scenes, the slow motion usage and the other techniques. Your biggest problem was pacing. The film felt it could have been half the time, and twice as good. Some of this problem is in the way the confrontation with the film's villain was written and cut. However, what you did with the resources at your disposal was great.


Too bad this was disqualified! It was shot so well, and that slow-mo at the end was rad!


As everyone has said, too long. You had a good idea and i loved the tracking shots around Nicky Brick during the phone call. But that scene went on too long as well. Why did Nicky have a gun in his hand but choose not to use it? Felt like he could have just shot the bad guy and been done with it. Script could have been stronger, but other than that nice shots, and your fight scene was one of the better ones ive seen in a 48hrs comp. Just work on the storytelling side of things (and learning what you can cut from your film to keep the audiences focus) and youll be in with a good shot next year!


Wicked film, really gutted it was DQ. The scene with the tea was pretty sweet. Fight scenes were done well also. Would watch it again. Good work.