'To Dad' by Apteryx four

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To Dad
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Found Footage
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Very nice production, but unfortunately the story was completely incomprehensible. It was nice that the team tried for a very serious film, but style took precedence over substance.


I really wanted to like this film more because I liked the intro/the shots/the locations/the hairstyles but I have no idea why this guy was walking into the sea at low tide. I know that he wanted to impress his dad and he thought that his life was over now that he's become a lawyer but other than that not sure what was going on. Also liked the use of the Trinity College piano (?) certificate.


Nicely shot, but the story fell flat with me. I didnt really know what was going on. I remember somthing about sinkholes......and taking steps, but why was it his last day?


I aggree with alot of these other reviewers.. i wanted to like this film but i felt the story didnt hold up. It was well shot and very well made but i just felt that the story didnt finish well and i didnt feel the film had a purpose.


Everyone else has summed up what I want to say so I'll just leave it at that.


Good Cinematography.....that is all :(


This was an arty and slightly philisophical film with a focus on an introspective lead character's "last autonomous day". There were some highlights here with the use of time-lapse and a good use of the required line at a dramatic moment... but it felt like the team needed more time to edit and perfect the stitching together of its "moments". Would have been nice to get a story that matches the ambition of the introspection, but again that may be a time factor. I hope the team don't regret setting up so many nice shots as well! Strong acting at times and what could have been a nice film if it weren't for that ticking damn clock.


Why was he counting? :/


This film was, quite hard to watch.

There were a lot of bad production values, over exposure and focus was a little average. Performances were awkward, I believe several more rehearsals were in order before this was fit for the screen.

Suicide as a subject is an easy choice for first time filmmakers and I strongly advise steering away from it, unless you have something very strong to say or an original take (an ACTUAL original take). Sure it can be easy to create story and drama with this kind of mysterious plotline, but for the experience, and even semi-experienced filmgoer they can become boring very quickly.

I would advise you guys to practice with your camera, have more rehearsals and try something a little simpler. Just a few characters, a simple story and a few dialogue scenes to work on character, story, and making your short aesthetically pleasing.

Also be careful directing non-actors, especially older non-actors because it can be easy for them to ham there performances, and come off as unnatural. These hammy performances may be funny at home, or on stage, but do noot come across well on the screen.


I started out really wanting to like this film, for its engaging atmosphere and beautiful cinematography. But, like everyone else, I was left frustrated by it not being clear what it was about. A little substance to go with the style could have made this amazing.


Started well with tension style and good acting. The story and thread sort of lost its way half way through though. I felt disappointed at the end, but hey - thats 48 hour! Next year maybe think about your ending first!


Really good looking, but quite painful to watch.


This man was the most beautiful man in the whole competition and I hope he wins a prize for this! I agree that maybe we should head to making less films about suicide but luckily that is not what this film was about! Maybe you were taking a little nap, Mr Casual! Perhaps next time you will make a more simplistic story and everyone will love it!