'One Hot Date' by Aristocrat Productions

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One Hot Date
One Shot
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One shot is hard to do. This one did well in covering all the reqired elements aside frome the leaf which seemed more like a wardrobe element rather than a prop. But overall I enjoyed this one.


Good works guys. One shot is an interesting genre to have to achieve and i feel you guys executed well :) i feel like your post production work and production couldve been improved but good effort :)


I really was looking forward to this genre! This team pulled it off in my opinion... simple but effective!


Sure they didn't have the best cinematography of the evening but the genre of one shot dictated a lot of that. The way the camera was orchestrated gave it a fairly nice flow and considering the circumstances they seemed to pull it off. I was half expecting the horror element to be like the Blair Witch Project but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was taken in a more classy direction. Some story elements were lacking however overall a solid effort given their limitations.


I was quite charmed by this mix of genres and emotions. A one-shot film that made quite excellent use (eventually) of a moving camera, special effects and even a make-up change. This was short, but well prepared and perfected for the screening with internal dialogue, sound effects and a fantastic bassy sound-bed in moments of building tension. Scary, funny, serious, great! More.


This was my favourite film of the heat. I haven't seen any other One-shot films yet but this is exactly how I feel they should be. The camera is basically an invisible character, it's tough to make sure the movements don't detract from the action, and I feel like these guys pulled it off perfectly, high five to the man behind the cam.
The acting was natural, and technically it was spot on, I'm assuming this is because of the more time that had to spend in post.


An interesting film that got better as it went on.

Taking such a sterotypical scene as a first date is a hard premise to work off, especially with average production values. The dialogue was ocassionally witty and often charming, but was still a little filler with no real dynamic lines to take away.

However as soon as the horror elements kicked into gear this film really became interesting. Good and unexpected use of sound to really add another element to the one shot genre. From this point on the build up was good and performances were convincing, which is hard for this kind of scene.

The quick application of make-up was impressive, but the film ended a little short. The build up was there, the audience interest was there, but I felt like the team didn't really know how to end it. This film could have been really good if another minute or two had been added at the end.

There's talent here that should not be neglected, but nurtured and worked on. More dynamic lines and characters, hone your technical skills aswell, some interesting lighting could help the look of your film.


I liked the atmosphere of this film, but feel it was let down by the horror event, which created what felt like an entirely random and potentially isolated event (rather than the genesis of a horror character that might go on to commit unspeakable horrors). A focus on the build-up rather than climactic event would have grabbed me more.


great, loved the 'voices'.
one of the most 'together' films of the heat i thought.


This film was great! I am glad I never went on a date with this man, he looks like he is very awkward and into vampire girls! It never dragged on for too long and made me feel sufficiently horrified, especially by the crosses on the wall!


I saw that someone mentioned the leaf was more of a costume item, however I thought that using the leaf in a different way was really effective and original. I realised by the end that I had just watched a film that had no cuts! So well done then, the flow was smooth. I found the lighting a little dark. The story line was different, and I enjoyed the big turn around from a simple dinner date to a horror. Pretty well executed considering the genre you were given!