'DMZ' by Artificial Nipple

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One of the better cock-gobbling zombie musicals you are likely to see. Lots of fun moments.


I love zombies and musicals, and for some reason this film reminded me of Tim and Eric.


There's always one in the group that has that over the top shock value image! But it was a crowd pleaser!


Lots of music, no attempt to take themselves too seriously and lots of bizzaro variety. Laffs for zombie in choir, laffs for zombie being main character, hokey dance n' song number, a glory hole accident in full view, and a simple story gets told. What more could you want? This team will need a lot of polish but they have all the creativity they need.


I have to say, I'm a little sick of zombie musicals. It was fun and had shock value, but was pretty forgettable (although I do love the concept of death metal blues [sic])


I think the other reviewers were a bit conservative on their star giving. I thought you rocked it. Our row of seats was choking on their own laughter pretty much into the next film. loved the main character, good writing, acting, and rubber cock wobbling. Nice one :)


Good make-up and I enjoyed the performance of the zombie.

The cock-munching was a sick and disturbing surprise, and the highlight of this piece!

However I found this musical a little dissapointing from a clearly musical team. The style didn't really fit with your team dynamic and the music scenes were pieced in awkwardly.

The zombie hunter came off as an in-joke, that I was not in on.

I think this team really should have gone with a different theme and played up there own strengths.


This film disgusted me! If I wanted to see a penis I would go and search on Redtube like everyone else! I wish the whole 7 minutes had been the zombie singing in the choir, that would have been spectacular!


could have done with the zombie actually eating the brains, wouldnt have affected the story and would have been extra gross out factor which which is what this film needs. The dick wasnt gross enough, some fake precum lube would have done the trick.