'A Little Sock of Horrors' by BACK SEAT DRIVERS

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A Little Sock of Horrors
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Nice short from this team! Apparently most of them are first timers and so they managed pull off a good film. Sadly they were disqualified... don't know why?!?!
So a lady and her family make killer socks and are turned into evil possessed beings of some sort... nice attempt at the horror genre! Hope to see this team nect year.


thoroughly enjoyed your film. Couldve done with some more work on the more production side of things (audio was a bit weird and shot a little strange in parts) but the concept was very nice and i loved the use of the prop and line of dialogue. Good job.


Best use of the 'leaf' prop, being used as a lock pick. A little slow in parts but overall enjoyable if kinda creepy.


Quel Horreur! I was indeed very frightened of this and it hailed memories of Coraline but with more startling colour and laundromats!