'Infected' by 4D

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End of World
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I liked the ending but thought the spilt canister could have been better made. Liked the large range of dead people but would have been good to see some in groups and from more creative camera angles. Enjoyable watching though and would happilly watch again.


Not a bad effort from a young team who managed to make a serviceable end-of-the-world film. Despite being pretty melodramatic, this short had some great mood-setting long shots of empty atmospheres, lifeless scenes and nature continuing without us. The storyline seemed to be that Nicky accidentally littered at the beach, and somehow caused the end of the world ("unlucky"). This team has proven that they have a strong visual language, the ability to convey story through abstract images, and a pretty good sense of timing. I *believe* they'll have a strong original story next time too.


The poor girl hanged herself at the end! What an upset. I commend you on your abilities to encourage many members of the public to stop and lie down awhile while you filmed them. Don't pick up poison on the beach! I certainly learned my lesson.