'Today's Agenda' by 80% Spazmodiplomatriximagical

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Today's Agenda
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This film was very confused. Not so much an inspirational film as a film that was about inspiration. Every scene had actors talking about inspiration, but I didn’t really feel inspired. An interesting convention of having cardboard cut outs of objects, and the use of sound was cool, but personally I didn’t really understand the purpose of this concept and it didn’t really seem to match the film.
There were many laughs in this film, but not necessarily for the right reasons. A lot of hammy acting, which may seem funny to an amateur team, but really does not come off well on camera.
Sound was a big issue in this film as well. Not sure what they were recording on, but not much of the dialogue was very clear. Continuing in technical issues there was not much good to say for camera work and I don’t believe the camera was to blame. Out of focus shots, over exposure…
You guys really need to fine tune your technical skills here, mess around with your camera a bit, get to know how it works, and don’t settle for bad footage. Storytelling and dialogue also require a lot of work, I never felt any suspense of disbelief.


Fairly terrible sound and I think a misunderstanding of the genre kind of prevented this film from being, much of anything really. Not sure if it was deliberate to read "inspirational" as making a film ABOUT corporate, Tony Robbins style inspiration - rather than making a film that in any way inspired its audience. Deliberate or not, it didn't exactly work. Kudos for the nice motif of cardboard props.


When inspirational was announced as a genre this year, it was preceded by a screengrab from Shawshank Redemption. Now, I'm not expecting a masterpiece like that to be made in 48 hours, but it did seem like a clear signal to teams that the scope of inspirational should be broadened way beyond films about motivational speakers. This team didn't do that, but let's not dwell on it, they weren't the only ones.

Cardboard props and general wackiness are two ways to get my attention, and I enjoyed both in this film. Unfortunately that attention then has to be held with an actual story, and that was slightly lacking. There was an interesting voice over moment at the end where the main character decides in a cruel twist of irony that real inspiration isn't at all about "getting inspired". I couldn't agree more. I like this team's enthusiasm, I like the props, and I think this team could probably make something inspirational with a different genre. Sadly, this wasn't it.