'Spanker in the Back Seat' by AKMSA

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Spanker in the Back Seat
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Urban Legend
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This film unfortunately was a downhill ride.

The opening scene had interest and style, but became, well, weird. The main problem was there wasn't much to hold onto, I didn't really identify with the main character and wasn't sure what I was supposed to be feeling. The urban legend should have been forshadowed, and maybe mentioned by one the characters in an early scene.

The spanking was funny at first, but became repititive and the film didn't really go anywhere. This could have been a funny concept, but there should be a story, a change in character, a lesson learnt, but I felt this was absent.

There were some nice effects, and the pie scene was funny, but should have happened a little quicker and cut away from it faster, so unfortunately didn't quite capatalise.

You guys mainly need to work on story and character.


Well... what to say??? This film had me in tears; I don’t think I've laughed so hard this year.
The script was a bit all over the place as was the filming but... it had me to the end holding my stomach in fits of laughter...
Great work guys... slap onnnnnn!


i think this is a pretty legit film coz it's obviously based on an urban legend "killer in the back seat" and they've made it real funny with the whole spanking thing. i mean it's a 7mins maximum film comp, so rather than having a narrative, going just with a simple bold concept like this and making the most out of the maximum 7 min limit to the max was a good idea.
personally i think the person who acted nicky brick did well and seemed like he would have had a lot of spanking done to him, so good effort there!
the editing style of putting emphasis on the whole juxtaposing the comedy in spanking and the darkness of the spanker is probably what makes this film so damn funny! some extra shots could have been included to make the film as a whole more complete but other than that i love this film!

loads of claps to you AKMSA