'Nickys List' by Aaaaaaaahhh!!

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Nickys List
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Romantic Comedy
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Can I just say - this team intro took me by surprise and made the whole cinema crack up laughing. And it went on for exactly the right amount of time. Had high hopes from the start.

And they were met! This was a genuinely funny heart-warmer with ingenuity and class. The film engages quickly with the audience through some clever but unnerving good-acting. Then *something* happens (I'll forgive it) and our hero returns to the leaf-motif (it's screamingly funny) and sets about his life-mission. It's a charming and fresh take on a simple idea, lovingly executed by a small cast. Kiss ALL the girls! But only one can win his heart. Ticked all the boxes and made for a cinematic storytelling highlight. Fairytale-esque.


This film really made the best of 48 hours’ worst genre. I loved this piece. A cute story, well shot, handsome leads and pretty girls; delivering everything you could want from a Rom Com, while maintaining its own original take on the genre.

Beginning with young men dressed as young kids, but played so honestly that they managed to make good on a usually poor 48 hour convention. A hilarious use of the prop, and a quick good use of the character. The pacing was fantastic and throughout I really loved the framing you guys managed. The shot where the main character sat reading their old things to do before you die list was beautiful.

Was then shocking to see the lead kiss so many girls in one short! Well done sourcing so many actresses (though I think there was a lot of clever doubling up). You made good use of the montage, and recreated so many stereotypical rom-com moments with authenticity and heart, with the handsome heartthrob lead to pull it off. And best of all it ended simply and beautifully, ensuring this short stayed in the minds of its viewers.

Such a shame you guys didn’t get in on time, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!


Awesome film. One of the top intro's I've seen.

Good stuff!