'Magnet Man's Murder Manor' by AA Club

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Magnet Man's Murder Manor
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This film is what it was.

I must admit I started off disliking this film. The team got superhero film, and just chucked a bunch of people together and had a party. An injoke film at heart, and in the beginning I found discluded. However as the film went on, there was nothing I could do to stop the corner's of my lips pinching me into a smile. This was just the kind of film that this team wanted to make. They got lots of people involved and gave them all notable and memorable parts.

The filming in the tennis scene was great, and the lead really commited to his character, despite how outrageous and unrealistic he was. His reaction to hearing Nicky Brick's name was terrific and the highlight of the short. Nicky Brick too really helped tie the story together, his awkward mysterious performance lifted this film to an unexpected level. Magnet Man's reaction to the death of his friends and whenever he talked to Nicky Brick were just priceless.

I struggle to give advice for improvement for this team, as I feel they have made exactly what they wanted. What I will say is that the camera work could do with a lot of improvement. They managed some really nice shots, but generally there was a lot of bad exposure and bad focus. Also a poor use of the line, it is always much more interesting for the audience to see the line used at a key moment, rather than an inserted conversation with the sole purpose of using the line.