'Happy Birthday Nicky Brick' by 10 Trucks

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Happy Birthday Nicky Brick
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One Shot
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I'll be honest. This film's team-intro is the best I have ever seen. It's amazing. I could not look away.

Combining 'One Shot' with 'END OF THE FREAKING WORLD' is an ambitious goal for any team. Ten trucks has a few years doing this behind them, but I still *had* to wonder if they were up to it. And yep, they are.

Ten trucks are always funny and they have a knack for timing. Some of the timing skill didn't translate to the ruthless challenge of one-shot, but hey - some of it did! Our unlucky protagonist has a great moment of almost getting lucky... then, of course... spectacular unluck.

A strong, captivating and unapologetically ambitious film. I'd have loved to see a location change, but the team did well with what they had.

And the intro was spectacular.


This was a very entertaining short film... Funny, well played and quality after effect work. The ensemble cast worked very well together and each character was well thought out. I wonder how the drug using fits into an M rating?
I've been keeping an eye out for the One Shot films as I know how tricky these are to make and I think that 10 Trucks did an awesome job, however there was a cut from the birthday card to the living room in the very beginning... hate to split hairs because other than that it was flawless!


@Python66 I think you are definitely splitting hairs there. It's like saying there was a cut between the end of the film and the credits. In my opinion the title and credits aren't part of the "one shot". But that's just me.


"Content in an M film may include such things as violence, sexual references, offensive language and drug use." - Office of Film & Literature Classification


Hugely entertaining and technically proficient film that combined One Shot with not only "The End of the World" but "Found Footage" also. Nice job! Some dudes are getting high on Nicky Brick's birthday, which is rudely interrupted by (impressive looking) comets falling out of the sky and destroying the world. There are lots of great gags - the woman Nicky is going to lose his virginity to, the use of the line in an onscreen soap opera - as well as some nice, knowing, genre references. The guy behind the camera yelling "looks like I'm filming the end of the world" was a particular favourite. A solid effort from start to finish, and the first real finals contender of the heats!


Good film


I didn't think this film was going to ammount to much when it first began. But as soon as the end of the world elements kicked in this film became a winner. The effects were amazing, I have no idea how they made these look so good.

The main characters reaction to the end of the world was hilarious, and I loved how the woman who was trying to break into the car just said yes straight away to the main character's unusual request. Good timing with the extras, there was so much going on at some points that you almost forgot this was one shot.

Having another scene play on the tv was a great convention that I never would have though of.

However this film seemed to lose pace halfway through. After an amazing opening we began to focus on some less interesting characters with subpar performances. And the ending kind of trailed off, and the team didn't really know how to finish.

A polished team, that just requires a little more work on character performance.