'Dead Meat' by 1001

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Dead Meat
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End of World
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Applause! Wow, there's some choice work that's as Cormack McCarthy as it is Peter Jackson. This film opens with some rough & raw close-ups and it keeps the good hits coming. The colours in muted tones, the fabulously suggestive isolated location, and wow the child-acting. Dare I say it's better than the film's only speaking adult! This one's got great cinematography, tense dialogue and timing, smart but insidious kids and totally believable special effects. A treat to be made in this much time and clearly a genre curve-ball that took the team off-guard. Here's the zombie film we ALL want to make where the tough survive and who that is might just surprise you. Loved it, got the cinema murmuring before the applause. Beautifully balanced.


This is a winning film from the heart pounding beginning to the jaw dropping end. Beautifully shot and flawlessly acted by a young cast that draw you into the post apocalyptic world created by a very talented production team 1001. Watch this film very closely and I challenge anyone to find a fault in it. Can't wait to see more, in fact I will be looking up past efforts from this team.


The most finely tuned film of the heat. Felt like I was watching a real short film.

You guys really managed to create a great atmosphere, the acting was convincing, a great colour grade, the editing had style, the shots where dynamic and always well exposed and consistent.

There is always something magical about end of the world films based around children, and this was no exception. The lead had a clear perssonality and the relationship between him and the younger children were clearly defined. He was angry adn bossy, but there was just the slightest hint of sadness within him, he had lived in the pre-apocalyptic world longer than those he was now looking after, and you know that he had a little bit more to lose.

My favourite short film is one called I Love Sarah Jane, which has the same premise as this film, but I think that Dead Meat managed to do some things even better. It is very hard to give a film tone, and keep it consistently, but this team executed tone excellently. It was dark, it was grim, with just a hint of optimism.

You guys also managed an original take on the zomvie genre. Humans eating Zombies is genius.

What I did feel was lacking was distinct characters. The lead was different, but I could not really differentiate between the younger boys. They all seemed to have the same thoughts, motivations and obstacles, and in the end it could have been any of them pulling the trigger. Nicky's bullying I also felt was a little overdone, after a couple of examples I felt I got the point.

The slow motion scene was also technically a little dissapointing. This moment was not captured well enough, with the appropriate angles, and was cut together a little awkwardly. This moment only stood out due to the high quality of the rest of the short.

The ending was very good and unexpected, however since all the kids seemed to hate Nicky, I was not fully convinced that the kid needed to trick the other kids. I felt as though all of them wanted to shoot him anyway.

Overall an amazing piece, and a real contender for the finals.


Beautifully shot and graded short film about a post-apocalyptic world where humans eat zombies. Nicky Brick is the lone adult (or older teenager?) in a house full of kids who survive off luring zombies in, shooting them and eating them. The child acting is impressive, and perhaps the film would have been darker/creepier if EVERY character had been a kid?
A slick film with a pessimistic ending, a little dull in the middle section, but totally makes up for it in its presentation.


[Watched in screening room]

This was a great film, excellent take on End of the World, acting was brilliant for such a young cast, really nicely shot and the story was perfect for a short film. That ending was brutal, and I loved it. Would definitely pay to see the feature based on this story.